A Little Birdie Told Me :))

Well the time has come to announce that my little online Etsy shop, Poor Aunt Edna, is finally open. It took 13 months and a lot of craziness to get it going, but going it is. I would personally like to thank some very important people, for if it wasn’t for them, this would never have happened.

I would like to thank Kris and Nancy for all of their encouragement and support. They always had my back and told me how great everything was, even if it was horrible. When I first started this new “Vivid Life” things were really horrible–believe me. Both Kris and Nancy wore those first pieces with a smile and such grace. Either that, or they were clenching their teeth and it only looked like smiles. Kris did have a necklace that faded right before our eyes while out one afternoon, and Nancy literally had her pendant fall apart during lunch while out with friends. Ugh. They still told me how wonderful everything was. They have both shopped, listened to all my rants, listened to all the weird ideas saying “sounds great to me” while possibly thinking Lynda’s really a loon. They have never questioned anything I thought up at 3:00am and called them at 4:00am to tell them all about it. They have come to all my pity parties, have sat with me while I have been sick, when I’ve taken my night pills in the morning… sheesh. I cannot say how they have both held me up like crutches to get me here today. Best friends ever.

I want to thank my children CJ, Stacey, Tiffany, Goza, Roberta, and Loni. They always went with the flow and are always full of love and kind words when their Mom seemed a little nuts with this new endeavor. They all knew I didn’t wear jewelry due to allergies, so when I announced I was going to start making all my little baubles, even though I didn’t know how, they never flinched. They just smiled and said “ok, whatever Mom” (until they all had way too many scrabble tile necklaces and other ‘artistic endeavors’ hanging from necks–and rearview mirrors, and they finally all said “enough stuff already”). They all were very excited when I got my studio, “The Caw Club”, (cah – cah) and helped me move in, each in their own way. Some talked to me and let me bitch, some actually helped pack and move me in, some helped with all the computer stuff at the beginning, and all have been there with hugs, praise, and lots of pats on the back with an eager “good job Mom”. Warms my heart, those kids of mine – xxoo.

Speaking of the studio; I could not have gotten my blog and Etsy shop online without my newest friend, Stacy Emerson. Little did I know that when, on a whim and a huge shove from Kris in her rainbow tie-dyed shift dress last March, that I would not only end up with my own art studio (a dream come true), but would also meet my new landlady that would turn out to be such a giving and kindred spirit that I now call “friend”. Not only has she taught me soooooo much about my computer (which she hates, I might add) but she has done this teaching with such patience and understanding. I just have to thank my lucky stars that we crossed paths after all these years, both living in the same community, only a few blocks from one another in Midland. I have learned Branding, Blogs, Computer files, Photoshop (sort of), and so much more on the computer. I don’t even know all the names of what I have learned. The amount of time she has given me I could never pay her back. I have learned about Politics, Midland Proper, Occupy Tacoma, the list is just too long to tell you everything I have learned from her, and continue to do so daily. Mostly I feel like I have crossed paths with Stacy more than just this last year, maybe in some other life. Our lives have had so many similarities that it is uncanny. Everyone knows that I am very shy, so for me to have a new friendship come to me so late in my life, that I actually opened up and embraced, was very different for me. But I’m glad I did. She is a blessing to my life.

Finally I would love to thank my sweetest, dearest, most wonderful husband. He has lived through hell and back with me these past 13 months. First I overtook the little office at home, then the next month I took over the dining room. By the time I took over the kitchen he was still trying to be very supportive, yet walking around a house that was turned into a sheer cyclone by his raving creative lunatic wife. Maybe dishes were done. Maybe he had dinner to come home to. Maybe the dogs we hiding under the bed when he got home. Poor Bob never knew what or who he would find when he got home. He has had so many Elmer’s and Thunderbird dinners, he should own them both by now.

Speaking of owning stuff (and I mean STUFF), he has watched parcel after parcel of stuff arrive daily for over a year–sometimes numerous boxes of stuff a day–and he just smiled and brought them in. Even though at the beginning I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing, he still smiled while carting in those parcels; surely wondering how much this is all costing, but he has never asked–NEVER! How many husbands would never ask what was being spent, knowing full well that hundreds of ‘stuffs’ have enter the house, and still continues to arrive to this day. And when I said I was going to rent a studio down the street, he never blinked. I think he was so glad to get all my “stuff” out of the house, that he was packing me up before I even signed the lease. He has been so supportive, on task, a super handyman, kind, and willing to share this experience with me. I just can’t thank him enough. I love him so!!

I really can’t thank every one of these deeply cherished people enough. They will never know how each and every one of them has saved my life, both physically and emotionally. Each person has had so much impact in their own way, and have helped to keep me alive through my “Vivid” year, and now my “Fresh” year.

I’m still going strong, still have an exploding brain of creativity, and am still a world class daydreamer.

Thanks to you all for loving me. You make my heart sing.


P.S. Thank you Merle, Irene, Alvin, and Oscar. Time to let the birdie fly.



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