Size, Crop, Edit, Cut, Paste, Hand Tools, Paint Brushes OMG I’m nuts ;)

Mar.14th 2012 ……Well heck I’ve been through a few meltdowns (maybe more than a few) this weekend but I learned a lot in the process. Believe me when I say some things I didn’t need to learn 50 times over and over. I was trying out a new computer ugh and also at the same time trying to remember what I had learned about sizing images. I had learned some basic sizing last month with Stacy and written notes like a good student so I could have a nice little cheat sheet on hand. Well I put away such cheat sheet (a real big girl notebook) in a nice place so I could just get it and get to work. Ahh  I forgot to write myself a nice little note reminding me where that big girl notebook would be, 1st mistake no book , no notes, no cheat sheet. So off on the journey of sizing with no notes on a brand new computer, oh my I had such fun  can you say NOT !  Well by the end of the week-end I had my 9 month old Apple computer back and my daughter had my new one. She really loved my Apple but now has a top of the line Dell. She is happy and I’m ecstatic. The rest of my family and computer whiz Stacy are not happy since none of them are familiar  with an Apple so helping me is a huge hassle. But I’m sooo happy I could dance can  you see my huge grin :).

Big Whine Here : Oh and to top it all off it snowed like there was no tomorrow again. I can honestly say I’m sick of rain, hail, wind and snow. Icy mornings, damp, bone chilling cold weather can just go away and move on. I really am weary from the long winter this year. I can’t wait for spring, it can’t get here fast enough. Bark bark grr, ruff ruff grr, Paco and Sparky Lou agree. Ok weather whining pity party is over.

Since getting my original computer back I have moved forward to size, crop, edit, paste, pull hair out and cross eyeballs until I get something new in my Etsy Shop. Whatever it takes to get that 1 new item posted I will get it done and by myself. Shall I say without  my notes it took forever. Thank god nothing is permanent till you hit save. If there wasn’t a save button I would have been out of pictures say in 5 min and in the loony bin. I did everything at least 50 times. Every single task 50 times, every crop, every sizing, every cut and paste 50 TIMES each. But I learned as I went. After 10 hrs (no kidding) I finally had everything ready to post 1 item on Etsy. I braved things out so much that day that by 4:oo a.m. with it snowing again out side and with cup of cocoa in hand I posted 3 new things. Why yes I was exhausted,  the dogs were exhausted, and the computer I swear on the bible was literally steaming and singing Dixie when I closed it for the night. Ahhh we all went to bed with smiles on our faces it felt so dang  good.

When I awoke I looked on Etsy to make sure my postings weren’t a dream and there they were all 3 new bracelets, not perfect but ok and done by myself (insert pat on back here). I opened the curtains to the sliding glass doors to let the dogs out and hark no snow it had melted and surprise there it was SUNSHINE ! It’s was a good day Martha (as in Stewart). Back to bed we go  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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