This is not Disneyland or The Three Chicken S**ts

Well today was a trip and not a trip to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse.I was staying home and very groggy from my allergy shot in the morning so I thought better eat before I conk out for the afternoon.. Good plan right ? WRONG there it was big as day a frickin’ baby mouse standing on my stove staring at me as I walked into the kitchen. Can you say eek or any 4 letter word to your liking. OMG I screamed so loud I think I made even the mouse jump, he was frozen to the stove I swear to god. I ran screaming into the living room as my dogs ran by me and beat me there. I called Bob and insisted he come home from work and play safari and get it out of the house. Could he come home hell no ! I thought  dang what to do, call the FBI, Secret Service, Pierce County Sheriff. They are to high-profile for this job I decided. I figured being tough guys they would probably laugh at us the 3 chicken s**ts anyway. I Could call Kris but she was playing afternoon cards, so she was out. I  texted Nancy whom I hoped would come to the rescue pleassssssse !  She had been to the doctor and was finishing lunch with Jane her sister. I said to her ”   you’re out for lunch oh that’s to bad I kind of wanted to go to the studio. “Well she said she had no  problem with that idea and she would be at my house shortly”. Yipee thought thank god I will be rescued ! I got everything packed into my bags computer, night meds, police scanner, kindle, (it could take Bob awhile to get said mouse if and  when he could pull himself away from work) .Geez I thought maybe I could even get some burger king or something for lunch .I was starting to feel better about my day since I was going to make the big escape. Only thing left to do was to hit the bathroom and put on my coat and walk out when she got here and not waste the day freaking out. So I walked up the steps headed to my bathroom and who should run right in front of me turn into my bathroom and fly behind the toilet? Why it was that dam 42 lb,  2 in mouse. I peed my pants on the way to Bobs bathroom screaming all the way. Ah yes the dogs just about knocked me over on their way to the bedroom where they froze. Chicken s**ts they are. I cleaned up and decided to be bold and take care of the situation. I’m a big girl there was nothing to be scared of. Next thought was I need to either stay in the bedroom till Bob gets home or I can run as fast as I can to my bathroom and slam the door shut. I decided on the  slam the door method. I slammed that door shut sooo loud we all jumped and again the dogs went flying right by me back to the living room. They are no S.W.A.T dogs believe me. Got the shoes on, got the coat on, hissed at the big bad guard dogs (A Westie and a Chihuahua) and went out the door where Nancy had just pulled up.

   Nancy took me to the bank and to Burger King to get lunch. I ordered a delicious “Deep Fried Chicken” sandwich, lge fries, and a super size pop no diet, full on sugar. We went to the studio and I ate everything lickity split and I must say it was very good. I needed that real junk food it helped the nerves you know I was severely traumatized. Of course the mouse was gone when Bob did get home. Little 42 Lb. 2 in stinker must have run back out while  I was peeing my pants and the dogs were knocking me over to get in the bedroom. He set a trap (electronic no pain)  in the kitchen under the sink and scrubbed the counters and stove and disinfected everything. He then came and got me at the studio. He even fed himself and did the dishes I had left in the sink when I ran out of the kitchen screaming never to return. Got to love that man xxoo
He took me home we fed the dogs I ate something, we watched The Game of Thrones, no mouse trap went off. He’s still here eeeeek . Just another Day in Paradise as Bob always says.  And how was you day…..
Update : The next morning the mouse was in the little Zap Trap. I feel bad, glad and sad all at once .But at the same time I hate 42 lb, 2 inch rodents. I’ll go to Disneyland if I want or need to see another mouse. At least there they sing and dance.

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