I Can Name That Tune In… 4 notes “I Made a Sale”

Remember that wonderful old game show I Can Name that Tune in….. well I can now name tunes in very few notes. I know I’m a very multi talented person (applause sign on here). So it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me  how package wrapping would be one of my best and most revered talents. Are you all laughing yet. I know I am without a doubt a kindergarten level wrapper at best. My family has known for years never to expect any thing much for wrapping for their presents because it just isn’t happening. I was so thankful when gift bags came out, my family would have a pretty bag under the Christmas tree instead of a brown paper bag. No kidding it was a big colorful Christmas that 1st year of fabulous gift bags. Ahh the memories 🙂 Oh well back to my I can Name That Tune story.

I sold my very 1st item from Etsy on Thurs. MY VERY FIRST ITEM !!  I finished last Sunday putting a few more things in my little Poor Aunt Edna Etsy shop and had been looking feverishly on Mon, Tues, and Wed for any movement . Nothing had happened yet so I thought just relax Lynda you are only 1  1/2 months old on Etsy things take time. I had also started to do promotion sales on Etsy on Tuesday for a 1 week trial. So you see I was truly anxious. Well by Thursday I had decided I should just chill out and make sure I had my PayPal account stuff set up right for any sales I might actually get. Well I didn’t check until late in the evening at the studio with Stacy and Nancy (I was chilling and not having OCD over my computer) when I finally went on to PayPal and it said I had a balance of $58.50. I thought what the heck I don’t even shop through my Poor Aunt Edna account did someone break into my stuff doing an identity theft. What  should I do call the police? Geez I was really freaked out. I kept thinking, balance what balance did I owe. Then it hit me it was a real balance for items bought from me I HAD SOLD SOMETHING ! OMG I gasped and screamed so loud I scared poor Nancy half to death. Can you say Happy Dance or at least tap dancing in my office chair. I couldn’t believe it I had sold something . I was so proud that I had accomplish this I was dang near wet my pants and was near speechless. But not quite speechless I looked at Stacy and Nancy after all the hullabaloo settled down and said quietly and with a tone  of sheer fright and said ” Holy Sh*t I have to wrap and package the item up and it has to be perfect it’s my first sale”. All those god forsaken wrap jobs, duct taped  (yes duct taped I said I was a horrible package wrapper) brown bagged, dumped presents and packages went flying over and over through my mind. I looked at Nancy and she had the same scared look on her face she has seen and received my wrapped presents for the better part of 30 yrs. We looked at Stacy and she had the look of whats wrong with you two its just a package. She had no idea what it really meant. I had to wrap a package  and not just any package this was The First Sale package and it had to be perfect…….To be Cont’


The Usual Suspects


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