I Can Name That Tune In…2 notes “Package Frenzy”

The Start Looks Good Right ?………………

“Well after the shock of a making a real sale wore off the package frenzy was on. Stacy, Nancy and I kicked it into high gear.  I must say Stacy did do the bulk of the work. She is the “Graphic/Computer Guru” that thank god was there and oh so willing to help. She literally kicked butt with the graphics.  I knew I would need graphic items for sales and had discussed them with Stacy even that day. We were going to work on them that weekend. But as (good) luck would have it I made that oh so fabulous sale before I was completely ready for it. Ok all you people whom have known me for years and want to yell at the computer PROCRASTINATOR I hear you ok. Yes I am a world-class procrastinator it’s the same talent as world worst package wrapper. I thank my lucky stars that Stacy gets on a job pronto and not only is she ever so talented at graphics she is fast and I mean super fast. With-in a couple of hrs I had every graphic not only designed, but printed and cut out. They are so beautiful and right on the mark.  What would i do without her. Nancy was my moral support in the studio during this time. We had tea and munchies. We worked oh so hard on those munchies it is just uncanny how well we work together. I did figure out during this munchies power meeting what I wanted to do for the wonderful person who bought my 1st item ever. She deserved something special and a special card to boot. So on to the materials to go with all the ideas. I have to tell you going through my studio in a mad panic for goodies ( by this time 1:15 am)  is a real feat. Nothing like sheer terror, you can’t find a thing you know you have no matter how much you look. At 1:30 Stacy had decided to retreat to her sweet abode and Nancy was barely hanging of her office chair asleep. She had waited for me the sweetie even though sick and hurting to take me home since she drove. I could have called Bob my poor tortured hubby to come and get me but she insisted on waiting. Bless her heart. I had absolutely gorgeous graphics, Kraft paper, Kraft  jewelry boxes, a mailer box from Stacy ( yes I procrastinated about getting mailing boxes ok) twine ribbon, stickers, tape, anything and everything I may need to wrap that “Perfect Package”. I had 2 shopping bags full of stuff, the bracelet that was bought (my favorite one by the way and the 1st one I had made), my computer, and  my purse. I was also taking home a brain so clogged with creativity and terror I was ready to tackle anything including the first ever sale and its wrapping. I do say in my shop policies and info I ship on Tuesdays and Fridays I was  not going to miss the Friday’s deadline even though it was 2:00 am Friday morning when I arrived home.

Bob got up at 2:30 in he morning thinking he heard something . Was it a burglar, a pack of vicious dogs outside, another incident of a 42 LB. 2 inch mouse nope it was his crazed wife cursing as she was trying oh so valiantly to wrap that dang package. He kindly asked what I was doing in the middle of the night, I looked at him with cold steely dark eyes, a sneer and growled I’m wrapping a package. Oh yea Bob and the dogs quietly but quite fast went back to bed. Yep that’s right IT WAS ON I was going to get this packaged wrapped or die trying and take anyone or anything down with me until it was done. Of course I was just being silly what was I worried about, it had only been 6 hrs since I read about that 1st order. I was at home now working feverishly on it, it was only 3:00am and Bob who was to take the package to mail for me during his lunch wasn’t leaving for work for another 3 1/2 hrs plenty of time to wrap said package right….. To be Cont’

The Creative Mess 3:30 AM…………….


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