I Can Name That Tune In…..5 notes It Only Took 15 hours

  Well here we are the 3rd and final installment of I Can Name That Tune In… aren’t you excited. We last left off at 3:30 am with me slowly being eaten up by my package frenzy mess. It did not get any better as the early morning time clicked on by. I’m sure you are all thinking what kind of an idiot needs this many hrs to wrap 1 package. Well this one does, the same person that can be so out of the box creative wise but still can hardly color in the lines while coloring with her grandson. Said grandson can now at age 5 color circles around his Nana. Thats a whole other blog, but I’m still that idiot. Yep I admit it I’m a moron at coloring, package wrapping and making pancakes. Still can’t make a pancake if my life depended on it. They are always burnt and still full of raw batter on the inside. Ok back to the 1st ever sale and perfect wrapping. 3 more hrs. went by and I was really getting into it. I had finally written the sacred thank-you note. It only took 10 stabs at it. I went through all 4 of the cute cards Stacy had made and ever so nicely cut out for me, and I went through 5 of the little white  golden embossed Eiffel Tower note cards my daughter had bought just for me days before. I can with all honesty say the 10th time’s a charm. Bob got up at 6:00 and looked at me like I was some weird strange lady that had fell into a huge mess in the corner of the living room. There was no sneer or growl left in me. It was apparent to us  both the perfect package would not be going to work with him to mail at lunchtime. I was on my own . So at 6:30 am my second wind and 4th, 5th, maybe even 6th creative jolt hit me, or should I say slapped me hard in the back of my head. Thats when I looked up and saw a pin dot of white. Did I have a concussion nope I didn’t think so, was I getting spots in my eyes nope, I looked so hard I almost broke my neck it was the light at the end of the tunnel. Whew I was going to make the deadline after all. Between 7:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. I  did the little gifts done ..check (all etsy sellers give gifts to their customers) and this 1st sale got special treatment (pictures to follow). Thank you note done.. check, cute wrapping for said gifts and card done.. check, a box for  shipping ( another whole blog with that one) done.. check, fancy Poor Aunt Edna address labels done ..check, all wrapped up ready to go .. check. Well 15 hrs exactly  after I started  the lady at the Post Office slapped that old label on and said have a nice day. Wow I had done it the perfect 1st sale package was off in the mail and I did the wrapping all by myself. Yep 15 hrs that wasn’t to bad. Although I figure if I ever have two orders in 1 day I will have to hire an assistant. Oh yea lets not forget the game I Can Name That  Tune In … well I listened to so much music non-stop at the studio and on my digital cable box in those 15 hrs of bliss I heard everything from Hey Jude to How Much Is that Doggy in the Window and even a few Polkas thrown in that I Can  Name That Tune In……

                                       “The Perfect Little Wrapped Packages”

UPDATE:  I did get a second order and it only took me 7 hrs to get that package done and at the Post Office. Yahoo I’m getting better. I don’t feel as of  today I will need to go to Wrappers Anonymous.


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