Well, Well, Well … How I Spent My Summer Vacation Part 1 Fried Nerves, Fried Hair, And Fried Life

Well, well, well look who showed up. Yep it’s me. After a very long summer of no writing , it’s time to get back into the swing of things. That’s right I am swinging by my last nerve after a very busy and I mean busy summer. Wel,well,well let us go on the little journey of my last fried nerve, fried hair, and fried life.

Last time everything was in sync I believe, I was 2 yrs old. Thank god my dad captured this picture or I would never think I was ever in sync,  ever and I mean ever. Reminds me of the new Taylor Swift tune from the new “RED” album  “We will never ever, ever, ever be together ” I know it’s about a break up with a boyfriend but….. It’s also my motto of this summer for my mind, body, and soul not quite clicking ever, never !

…………………………………………………..Two Years Old and In Total Sync  (Last Time) ………………………………………………

Well ,well ,well lets start with the end of spring and the start of my  fried nerves.

#1)  I love love love my Art Design Studio  SO much and have only been there 2, 3, 4,maybe 5 times all summer. I got sick in April and stayed home to recoup. HA  no way  was I going to have a quiet lazy summer at home. Let just start with the littlest Swat Dog Paco. Paco that very tiny small wee chihuahua of 20 LBS !! Oh yes 20 LBS !! He was so lethargic and not losing weight even though we were both on diets. So off to the vet we go. After lots of tests and $575.00 later they thought he might have Cushings. Don’t ask me I don’t know what it is either I just know the medicine would cost me enough that I would have to get a loan every month to get it. And yes I would have bought stock in the medicine if I had to. Luckily the test came back and he had such a bad Thyroid it didn’t even register but  the meds were only $15.00 a month . Everybody stand up and do the wave, Bob , Paco , Sparky Lou (the other Swat Dog child) and I did all night. That day we found out Paco and I are really related we both have Thyroid issues. We are both on strict diets and no after 4 months he has lost 1 lb and I have lost 3. Wow a whole almost 4 months and 4 Lbs combined. Ok so there went a couple of my nerves this past 4 frickin” months of a dog and myself both on diets.

Personally it can’t be my 2-3 trips a week to my go to place right down the street the family owned  Angleas Resturant and Catering in Midland, Check it out…. http://www.ipagepro.com/angleasresturantandcatering…. They have killer Soup, Chicken and Jo’s and the best pie for miles. Why wouldn’t I lose weight eating that. BECAUSE I’m addicted to the place,  the deep fried chicken (yes they have very friendly non fried  food and goodies too but sheesh whatever) the friendly crew and the Peanut Butter Pie with Chocolate, no calories at all 😉 I’ve been told.  My friends and hubby are all addicted too, so there I’m not alone. Its all thier fault, no support thats the ticket I get no support. So of course Paco would have no family  support either. But hey we have lost 4 HUGE pounds and we are proud of it. DIETING : 2 nerves gone forever ever, never to return.

…………………………………….Friendly face at Angleas kept me from losing 10 nerves : Lindsay Frazer………………………………..

Well, Well,Well.. Spinning Clutter

2) Clutter, My house is full of it.  I have moved my studio half  way (Miss you Stacy soooo much) home  to keep working while I diet  and recoup HA. My house, my life and my brain  CLUTTERED I say. Good for a few nerves gone. The clutter I know will go away soom. But in the mean time it drives My hubby nuts which drives me nuts that he is nuts. Catch 22 , kinda like a dog chasing his tail it just keeps going in circles. Yep the clutter is actually spinning in circle as fast as it can go. Hubby and I are ducking all the time from spinning out of control clutter…… Good for 4 nerves shot gone forever, ever, never.. well hopefully to return  sometime one can only hope.

3) The coolest thing did happen today though, I won a prize. Shut up. Me Lynda with the bad hair and cluttered house win a prize? Oh ya it’s true and not a rumor. I won an e-course today thru the Jeanne Oliver Blog it”s all about Creatively Made Home. Here is all the info needed if you are interested. I personally am sooo excited to be in on this fabulous jouney of learning. I can”t wait to see, hear and feel every little detail these wonderful women have to share. I know what you are all saying ‘Thank God you really need the help LYNDA”  Personally my upsatairs (3 bedrooms plus, looks like a combination of the Goodwill, Yard sales, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn in a Mall of good intentions . Oh how I have shopped till I dropped in the past and everything made it upstairs until I was ready downstairs for it. This summer I realized when exactly did I envision THAT day coming. NEVER, EVER, EVER,  apparently.  Can we all say in unison 10 nerves gone from that LIGHTBULB moment. But now I have this to look forward to in OCT. Thank you Jeanne Oliver and Ladies for this oppertunity. Here is the info if anyone else would lovelovelove to take this e-course and have the best fall winter time with these great ladies.


Creatively Made Home!

So many awesome, fun, beautiful projects and videos are underway and I thought it was about time that we celebrated all of the goodness coming out of our next e-course!

I am hooked on e-courses because…

*The connection I get to have with all of you

*The ease of the videos and the convenience of watching them whenever and wherever you want

*The live chats

*Watching creative women connect with other creative women and really create friendships with women from all over the world

*All of the amazing and beautiful content that I get to share in such a personal way

Creatively Made Home is a course all about making life beautiful in the everyday.

It is about creating a home that reflects your heart in everyday living.

Each week you will have videos from all five hosts of the course.

Sara Duckett

Tracey Leber

Jennifer Rizzo

Kimberly Taylor

and me (Jeanne Oliver)

To hear WHY I chose each of these women you can read more HERE.

Each week you will have discussion videos and project videos.

You will have a live chat on our community forum with one of the hosts each week (you can ask anything your heart desires).

Each week we will chose one room from one of your homes and give you suggestions for how we would transform it.

There will be project pdfs for you to use in your own projects.

There will be beautiful home photos from each host to help inspire you.

entertaining e-book to download at the end of the course!

We want you to feel like you are a guest in our homes…because you will be!



You can watch the course trailer HERE or watch below.

AHH 7 Nerves saved still have bad hair.


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