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What I Did On My Summer Vacation Part Two I’m Blue For “Something Blue”

Well last time I left off on this blog it was still summer. Not a overly quick girl here. I think we have already decided I am a world class procratinator. Ok this time we’ll blame someone or something else. Not Mother Goose, or Ol’ Man Winter, but ahh yes the culprit Mother Nature. Why yes we just went through almost 2 yrs of rainrainrain, and then BAM summer of 2012 hit around Aug.2. Yep we had only had 3-4 days of over 70*  until that wonderfully bright and sunny day. So here I am on Oct.6 its in the high 30’s at night with it in the 70’s, and wonderfully sunny during the day. Hasn’t rained since the beginning of August. Ekk it’s so unusual. So PARDON me if my blog what I Did On My Summer Vacation seems out dated. You see it’s not late IT”S STILL SUMMER HERE !! We love it.

now about the fried hair. My hair has only been cut once this summer and dyed. Yes dyed at my age I need everything dyed, trimmed and plucked. Thats right I admit it I have stray hairs coming out of my forehead, a few by my ear, and yes my right cheek (very funny haha on my face) and I have been known to have white hairs growing out of no where in particular. Fried hair my fault, 5  more nerves gone my fault. Crazy face hair again Mother Natures fault. She’s been busy on my summer vacation.

Well I must say with the beginning of October, It meant the bride I’ve been working with all summer is married. Happy, HAPPY she is married. Sad SAD to see it over. Something Blue was my first bride I did bracelets for that I didn’t know. Yep thats right my first. At my age there aren’t to many firsts, and I really enjoyed this one.

The bride and her fiance were having a wonderful wedding with family and friends at her fathers family farm. Her bridemaids we’re all her “Something Blue”. They could wear any color blue dress of their choosing. her two sister chose Citrone green. Sounds beautiful doesn’t it. The bride wanted 12 bracelets for her 12 bridesmaids. All different styles but all shades of blue. Soooooo much fun I had.

The bride herself was the nicest sweetest person to work with. Communicated well, was very in touch about what she wanted. Simply a dream to work with. I think I lost 8 nerves doing the work but gained  2x that amount just from getting to know “Something Blue”. I miss her !! I still have fried nerves and only about 4 nerves left with a house that looks like bomb hit it. UGH !

I’m Blue for “You Something Blue” Beat Wishes and Many Happy Years to come.


Today is Tuesday Oct 2nd and it ROCKS !!

Yes it’s true Tuesday Oct.2 rocks. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Tuesday that has even registered on any scale. Tuesdays seem to be the day that I get my weekend hangover on. Not from a killer party (huh what’s that), booze (nope to old and get  real hangovers) perhaps running a marathon (hahahahahhaha) nope not anything like those. I just have my hubby at home, the dogs (I swear go nuts Sat and Sun) anybody and everybody I have born, am related to, or may have met at the grocery store that I haven’t seen in 20 yrs all stopping by to say Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii all weekend long. Sheesh I know it makes for a lot of activity from Friday night to Sunday night without even a glug or two of a good Sangira. Which reminds me  I did have a great one of those last week at Applebees with my fabulous friend Kris. Made me wonder why don’t we all drink in our old age like we did while we were young. I remembered the next morning a headache  that until the next day after that I couldn’t remember why I had one. Told you I never drank , I couldn’t even remember drinking anything. The body didn’t forget however UGH.

Anyway back to the weekend hangover. If I hated all the commotion I would have a people hangover all the time. But I lovelovelove all the company. I can’t get enough of my hubby, kids, grandson, old and new friends. So its a FUN, HAPPY HANGOVER, of home, family, & friends with a few hours or work sprinkled in in the middle of the night. Shut up. INSOMNIA gotta love it and hate it. Hey I need to get on the bandwagon of  why Tuesday, Oct 2 2012 rocks~

Well I had company galore over the weekend, a crazed Seahawk fan, a son and hubby going to the (It takes days of planning) WSU Cougar vs Oregon Ducks game  in Seattle, fix the breaks on sons truck and clean the barn out fanatic hubby this weekend, take orders, get orders ready to ship wonderful weekend. No stress till Monday  kind of weekend.

Monday a different story I was figuring out how to make my own labels so my shipments can leave my house instead of going to USPS every other day. Hated it. After many and I mean many screw ups I figured it out and printed a label.  Only took 5 hrs. WHAT. I know but I learned every  single label problem at all at once, stressful yes, know everything about label making yes. Good to know yesyesyes.

So now Tuesday Rocks…

* I finally have Etsy caught up , the leftover yardsale was finally  put away this weekend. Thanks to that fanatic Barn cleaning hubby of mine. Dishes are done. 4 loads of laundry of mine got done and put away. No way. Yes way. I’m caught up, say it isn’t so. Ahh but it is.

* I got the dogs winter blankies out last night they slept like logs and are still sleeping today with 2-3 wake ups to have potty breaks, slurps of water, a mouthful of kibble then back to bed. AHHH silence so far, and no fly safari going on. Peace and quiet. Well almost Paco has gas, bad gas. Poor Paco. Poor Sparky Lou and Me.

* Got two packages wrapped for shipping with my own labels made, paid for and adhered properly to the packages. Had made scheduled USPS shipping from my computer yesterday to pick up today. (I had to so I would be forced to learn how to do the labels)

*Put the package out for the postman and EEEKKKK he picked them up. Whew he didn’t knock on the door to tell me what an idiot I am because I did everything wrong on those labels. Nope he picked them up and threw them in his truck and away went those packages. From my house. Today. Shut up.

*Read my emails found a good one from Ashley at  I learned another DIY project about new water faucets and instalation. Yep we can do it ourselves. She is in the process of redoing her bathroom. The new faucets are from Moen Faucets the Weymouth Collection. Stunning, fresh yet traditional all rolled up in one. Got me a thinking, so I shot Bob off the blog I’m sure he’s thrilled 🙂  Go to and read all about it, there is a free giveaway going on for a set of those faucets. Hey why not give it a whirl.

* I took my medicine on time this morning, and ATE first thing. Ok everyone did you read that. I ate in the morning. Not much but I ate none the less.

*Remebered to make hair appts with Karen at Salon Halo 253-537-5421 for Tiff and I.

* I realized today only 22 days until my e-course Creatively Made Home  starts. I’m so exited !

* And finally only 30 days until my next show I’m doing with Kris. OMG I feel the Tuesday hangover coming after that realization. I’m soooo behind. Figures,

Peachy Sangria Recipe                                                                                                                                     Yum a Great Refresher  !

Sounds good right about now.

Large Mucho sized wine glass. Add

4 oz Sutter House White Zinfandel Wine

2 1/2 oz DeKupers Peachtree Schnapps

2 oz pineapple juice

Fill almost to the top with ice then crown with

Lemon-lime soda

Garnish with Cherry, Lime& Orange slice