Poor Aunt Edna was quite often called a hoarder and eccentric by many a gossipy townsfolk in little old Midland, Washington. That was just plain absurd she would say with her kindly smile to whomever would listen. “I collect a wonderful world of fabulous finds, baubles and trinkets, as I’m an Artist of Many Endeavors.” She was also always on the hunt for a good garlic dill, but more on that a tad bit later.

Poor Aunt Edna traveled far and wide, high and low to wherever her fancy would take her. She could never pass up a good auction, estate, yard or garage sale to procure those most fabulous finds. She up-cycled, recycled, and repurposed those trinkets and baubles into her most cherished “Art of Many Endeavors”, all the while eating those good crisp garlic dills.

Well those garlic dills were Aunt Edna’s final undoing. You see, one very still and quiet evening while the fireflies were aglow, Poor Aunt Edna had a hankering for one of those good old garlic dills, and as it would happen, while she was reaching to pull at the string to the bare lightbulb swinging in the air which only dimly lit her basement, she simply slipped off that worn top step and down that flight of stairs, tumbling head first right into her big ol’ pickle crock. That most certainly was the end of her garlic dill cravings, as it was the end of Poor Aunt Edna. God rest her soul.

Now the time has come to sell Poor Aunt Edna’s most Wonderful World of Fabulous Finds, Baubles and Trinkets. Come on in and join The Nieces on our most adventurous journey. Relax, have fun, take a look around, and sit a spell if you may; you never know what cast of characters you might encounter along the way.

Please enjoy your stay.




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