For Heavens Sake What Is Aunt Edna Eating “Farrelli’s in Parkland First Round “

For Heavens Sake what is Aunt Edna eating is a somewhat critics review on what we have been sampling lately.  Aunt Edna bless her soul guides us all over the place for whatever she is craving. Yes that’s right sometimes we can just sense she’s here with us  and hungry and just who are we to argue about that. We love food, to go out,  no cooking allowed, and best of all we love  good friends to share a meal with. We don’t know exactly how it works but we don’t care it’s just another adventure.  We may hit restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, diners, resorts and maybe a casino or two. We just never know where our Poor Aunt Edna is going to spirit us away to. But we are going to share with you all the good  and all the bad speed bumps along the way.

For Heavens Sake what is Aunt Edna eating? Well  she enjoyed a good meal at Farrellis in Parkland with good friend Shellie Sotherby from Summit and myself.  Sophie had never eaten there before so I literally felt nudged to head in that direction. That worked  for me since I needed to go to the post office which is a block down the road on Garfield St. We went right along with that nudge that I felt and ended up starving at Ferrellis Pizza. It’s new to the area but a good location right up Garfield St. from PLU one of the best  private Universities in Wa. The outside and inside are really nice and comfortable. One side is set up for dining and the other half is a full-scale bar. There seemed to be plenty of seating for the day and lunch business, although in an area 3 blocks from a college I don’t know about seating and such on a Friday or Saturday night. Parking was not the greatest out front but the back they had enough parking but with out a back door it was a real hassle for me.For handicapped people it would be a journey but they do provide a nice entry once you get there for all handicapped persons. The restrooms were very clean and also accommodated the handicapped readily I noticed . Good job I say to Farrellis for those that planned well for seniors and  the  handicapped !!

We were starved and Aunt Edna must have been too because it seemed like we ordered everything on the menu. Even though there were technically only two of us we knew Aunt Edna would somehow put in her two-cents worth since she always did. Shellie and I decided to make a buffet of our own selections and have bites of whatever we wanted and then we would split the rest and share with our husbands. Aren’t they lucky to have us as wives to pick over food all afternoon, critique it and then bring the leftovers home to them. I truly hope they appreciate that lovingly picked over and dissected food. We love them so…. no really we do.

Artichoke Dip

Artichoke Dip

Our Favorite that afternoon were the  Mushrooms that were fresh-baked and quite large. They were stuffed with herbs, Provolone cheese, Italian sausage then topped with more cheese . They came with a nice serving of baked cheese bread as well. There was

Baked Mushrooms

six or seven nice sized mushrooms dripping in cheese mmm good. These goodies could make a meal in itself. Yep we inhaled those and debated if we needed an other order and decided no we would be good that day and not over eat 🙂  We also tried Sausage, Ricotta and Pepper dip. It’s done with what, you guessed it homemade sausage, fluffy ricotta, roasted peppers all sitting atop of their house made marinara (lots of chunky tomatos in the sauce). This dip is thrown in a small 2.5 cup iron skillet and baked until bubbling and the cheese is just browning, then it’s served with Alderwood  fired up flat bread. Yep ate it all and I almost licked the pan but it was still to hot being an iron skillet and all. Drooling yet ? Shellie wanted to sample  the Focaccia Bites. These little gems are so good. Focaccia bread squares slathered with cream cheese, a piece of pepperoni and salami were placed on top and then  finished with a nice pinch of Parm, Romono, and Asagio cheeses then baked until golden. They are served with dipping sauces of garlic olive oil and balsamic vinager. Ooh yea Aunt Edna these were to die for ! Sorry no pics there was no time  I was  gobbling them down as fast as I could. Mrs. Sotherby and I did the big stare down for that last one (No blinking allowed). Finishing off the appetizers was an Artichoke  dip it comes with either wood fired bread or tortilla chips we got both. The title pretty much describes it, not much more to say about that. Blah very Blah

Sausage, Ricotta, Peppers DipWe didn’t eat much of this and it was the first one to hit the table. Not bad, just blah.

We also ordered a pizza that day not realizing how filling and big Farrellis appetizers are. Somebody’s hungry spirit  I won’t mention any names (Aunt Edna) guided us into ordering that 16 inch  pizza. I couldn’t believe the words “why yes we’ll have a 16 inch James Favorite pizza also ” came flying out of my mouth. Shellie looked at me and just burst out laughing she knew I just blurted that out not even thinking first about it, that for some unknown reason I just HAD to have it. It was all gooey with an Alfredo based sauce, roasted Chicken, Bacon, Italian Sausage, minced Garlic, Provolone, Mozza and Cheddar cheeses to finish it off  YUM (we asked for extra cheese) . The pizza was sooo good but Shellie and I could only eat one piece split in half.  That pizza was a whim buy for some unforeseeable urge. I felt like screaming Geez Aunt Edna get a grip. I know everyone would have  turned and stared because of course Aunt Edna wasn’t really there just in our hearts.

Jacks Special Pizza

Spencer our most wonderful and gracious server never batted an eyelash at the two crazy women with too much food to eat. He always made sure we had plenty of  Ice Tea, water and napkins. He was attentive but not intrusive and at the end he simply asked dessert or check. I have to admit dessert with no prodding from the invisible Aunt Edna sounded kind of good. But Shellie and I decided at the very first part of lunch we were going to be good that day.  (we are professional dieters you know) We only wanted to lick two of the appetizer dishes and we left some Artichoke dip for the guys. Plus those to husbands  were going to get almost half a pizza each, no  dinner to be cooked oh yea, see there was a method to our madness. At least for that day.

Over all it was a good lunch for the money.  Some things were a little high-priced for the item that was made  $24.00+ something for a 16 inch pizza next to a university  eek. Also the pizza prices were a tad bit high for the amount of cheese on them. A little more cheese would go a long way into justifying the prices. They  do also offer thin, whole wheat  and glutton free crusts. Another thoughtful thing Farrellis does for their customers. The appetizers were priced right and really could be a meal. We were full and I mean stuffed, and both the husbands had nice dinners. It was a good lunch, but we’ll be back to check out the consistency of the food. That’s the true test.

Todays Rankings :   1-5 star ratings

Food ****    Service*****    Cleanliness*****  Cost ***1/2  Overall Rating****1/3

There is a Ferrellis preferred customer card available. Just ask you server for the form it’s worth the time to fill out.


Tale of the Bygone Bayou Days

My Poor Aunt Edna was especially fond of the romance, colors, and people of the Bayou. She had visited there several times as a child with her Great Auntie Fern. Auntie Fern had an adventurous streak that I swear she passed on to my Aunt Edna. Travels with Auntie Fern were always an exciting excursion and oh so intriguing. She was indeed ahead of her time and was down right full of moxie. In the summers between 1919-1927 she would haul (as she would say) along her only niece Edna who was 7 when they started these fabulous jaunts. They lived on a ramshackle boathouse of a former boyfriend of Auntie Fern. It provided all a child’s  imagination needed with the lively people, colors, flowers, hanging moss, clear Turquoise Blue  skies and sounds of the Bayou. The two of them would eat loads of craw-daddies, catfish, greens with ham hock liqueur, and of course ho cakes with as much butter as you needed til’ it ran down your chin. It was always a summer full of lazy days perched on a small makeshift dock in the sun while barefoot, no dresses were allowed  just old jeans and tees that had been left on that old boathouse. Their days were filled with Auntie Fern and the young Edna eating sweets, drinking soda pop right out of the bottle, all the while Auntie Fern was reading book after book to the sweet little Edna. Often they listened to the music of the Bayou waft off in the distance at night til’ they both fell peacefully asleep. There was nothing else like it. It was truly what daydreams were made of. Edna had always secretly wished and hoped that she and her Auntie Fern could just stay there forever. As fate would have it though the many travels of Auntie Fern and the young Miss Edna would have to come to a close and end during the Great Depression, greatly disappointing them both. Once Aunt Edna started her own excursions and travels she could never pass up anything bright, colorful, cheerful and fun. Since of course those things always reminded her of the cherished memories of Auntie Fern and of the wonderful summer days spent on the Bayou.

The piece of vintage jewelry  pictured here is made from some of Poor Aunt Edna’s favorite trinkets and baubles. She had picked  these trinkets up during  her many travels and had kept them close to her heart for years. I chose the unique and repurposed vintage baubles to make a lovely one of a kind bracelet out of them. Putting this special bracelet together had so much meaning and was so fun for me personally. The color and whimsy of each piece had me thinking of  the young Edna’s jaunts to the bayou and was wishing I could have been there with them. Boy wouldn’t it be wonderful to go back in time for a bit. Or maybe have an adventure for this summer and just lay around on a dock eating sweets, reading my Kindle and listing to the faint sounds of the bayou in the distance. Oh well I guess I will have to do with the deck out back sipping some iced sweet tea with chips and salsa. But I can close my eyes and just imagine being on that dock on the bayou as I drift off for a nice little nap. Aah here’sto the women that are full of curiosity, spirited, and walk or should I say run though life with a grand sense of adventure and moxie.

The  bracelet itself  has been listed on and comes with a 10% discount on you entire order. The secret code is  >    SUNNYDAYS    <. Just put the code in the coupon place during check out and hit apply. Then you too could have a little bit of the Bygone Bayou Days . This code also works not just for this bracelet but for everything in the shop.