Today is Tuesday Oct 2nd and it ROCKS !!

Yes it’s true Tuesday Oct.2 rocks. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Tuesday that has even registered on any scale. Tuesdays seem to be the day that I get my weekend hangover on. Not from a killer party (huh what’s that), booze (nope to old and get  real hangovers) perhaps running a marathon (hahahahahhaha) nope not anything like those. I just have my hubby at home, the dogs (I swear go nuts Sat and Sun) anybody and everybody I have born, am related to, or may have met at the grocery store that I haven’t seen in 20 yrs all stopping by to say Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii all weekend long. Sheesh I know it makes for a lot of activity from Friday night to Sunday night without even a glug or two of a good Sangira. Which reminds me  I did have a great one of those last week at Applebees with my fabulous friend Kris. Made me wonder why don’t we all drink in our old age like we did while we were young. I remembered the next morning a headache  that until the next day after that I couldn’t remember why I had one. Told you I never drank , I couldn’t even remember drinking anything. The body didn’t forget however UGH.

Anyway back to the weekend hangover. If I hated all the commotion I would have a people hangover all the time. But I lovelovelove all the company. I can’t get enough of my hubby, kids, grandson, old and new friends. So its a FUN, HAPPY HANGOVER, of home, family, & friends with a few hours or work sprinkled in in the middle of the night. Shut up. INSOMNIA gotta love it and hate it. Hey I need to get on the bandwagon of  why Tuesday, Oct 2 2012 rocks~

Well I had company galore over the weekend, a crazed Seahawk fan, a son and hubby going to the (It takes days of planning) WSU Cougar vs Oregon Ducks game  in Seattle, fix the breaks on sons truck and clean the barn out fanatic hubby this weekend, take orders, get orders ready to ship wonderful weekend. No stress till Monday  kind of weekend.

Monday a different story I was figuring out how to make my own labels so my shipments can leave my house instead of going to USPS every other day. Hated it. After many and I mean many screw ups I figured it out and printed a label.  Only took 5 hrs. WHAT. I know but I learned every  single label problem at all at once, stressful yes, know everything about label making yes. Good to know yesyesyes.

So now Tuesday Rocks…

* I finally have Etsy caught up , the leftover yardsale was finally  put away this weekend. Thanks to that fanatic Barn cleaning hubby of mine. Dishes are done. 4 loads of laundry of mine got done and put away. No way. Yes way. I’m caught up, say it isn’t so. Ahh but it is.

* I got the dogs winter blankies out last night they slept like logs and are still sleeping today with 2-3 wake ups to have potty breaks, slurps of water, a mouthful of kibble then back to bed. AHHH silence so far, and no fly safari going on. Peace and quiet. Well almost Paco has gas, bad gas. Poor Paco. Poor Sparky Lou and Me.

* Got two packages wrapped for shipping with my own labels made, paid for and adhered properly to the packages. Had made scheduled USPS shipping from my computer yesterday to pick up today. (I had to so I would be forced to learn how to do the labels)

*Put the package out for the postman and EEEKKKK he picked them up. Whew he didn’t knock on the door to tell me what an idiot I am because I did everything wrong on those labels. Nope he picked them up and threw them in his truck and away went those packages. From my house. Today. Shut up.

*Read my emails found a good one from Ashley at  I learned another DIY project about new water faucets and instalation. Yep we can do it ourselves. She is in the process of redoing her bathroom. The new faucets are from Moen Faucets the Weymouth Collection. Stunning, fresh yet traditional all rolled up in one. Got me a thinking, so I shot Bob off the blog I’m sure he’s thrilled 🙂  Go to and read all about it, there is a free giveaway going on for a set of those faucets. Hey why not give it a whirl.

* I took my medicine on time this morning, and ATE first thing. Ok everyone did you read that. I ate in the morning. Not much but I ate none the less.

*Remebered to make hair appts with Karen at Salon Halo 253-537-5421 for Tiff and I.

* I realized today only 22 days until my e-course Creatively Made Home  starts. I’m so exited !

* And finally only 30 days until my next show I’m doing with Kris. OMG I feel the Tuesday hangover coming after that realization. I’m soooo behind. Figures,

Peachy Sangria Recipe                                                                                                                                     Yum a Great Refresher  !

Sounds good right about now.

Large Mucho sized wine glass. Add

4 oz Sutter House White Zinfandel Wine

2 1/2 oz DeKupers Peachtree Schnapps

2 oz pineapple juice

Fill almost to the top with ice then crown with

Lemon-lime soda

Garnish with Cherry, Lime& Orange slice


I Can Name That Tune In…2 notes “Package Frenzy”

The Start Looks Good Right ?………………

“Well after the shock of a making a real sale wore off the package frenzy was on. Stacy, Nancy and I kicked it into high gear.  I must say Stacy did do the bulk of the work. She is the “Graphic/Computer Guru” that thank god was there and oh so willing to help. She literally kicked butt with the graphics.  I knew I would need graphic items for sales and had discussed them with Stacy even that day. We were going to work on them that weekend. But as (good) luck would have it I made that oh so fabulous sale before I was completely ready for it. Ok all you people whom have known me for years and want to yell at the computer PROCRASTINATOR I hear you ok. Yes I am a world-class procrastinator it’s the same talent as world worst package wrapper. I thank my lucky stars that Stacy gets on a job pronto and not only is she ever so talented at graphics she is fast and I mean super fast. With-in a couple of hrs I had every graphic not only designed, but printed and cut out. They are so beautiful and right on the mark.  What would i do without her. Nancy was my moral support in the studio during this time. We had tea and munchies. We worked oh so hard on those munchies it is just uncanny how well we work together. I did figure out during this munchies power meeting what I wanted to do for the wonderful person who bought my 1st item ever. She deserved something special and a special card to boot. So on to the materials to go with all the ideas. I have to tell you going through my studio in a mad panic for goodies ( by this time 1:15 am)  is a real feat. Nothing like sheer terror, you can’t find a thing you know you have no matter how much you look. At 1:30 Stacy had decided to retreat to her sweet abode and Nancy was barely hanging of her office chair asleep. She had waited for me the sweetie even though sick and hurting to take me home since she drove. I could have called Bob my poor tortured hubby to come and get me but she insisted on waiting. Bless her heart. I had absolutely gorgeous graphics, Kraft paper, Kraft  jewelry boxes, a mailer box from Stacy ( yes I procrastinated about getting mailing boxes ok) twine ribbon, stickers, tape, anything and everything I may need to wrap that “Perfect Package”. I had 2 shopping bags full of stuff, the bracelet that was bought (my favorite one by the way and the 1st one I had made), my computer, and  my purse. I was also taking home a brain so clogged with creativity and terror I was ready to tackle anything including the first ever sale and its wrapping. I do say in my shop policies and info I ship on Tuesdays and Fridays I was  not going to miss the Friday’s deadline even though it was 2:00 am Friday morning when I arrived home.

Bob got up at 2:30 in he morning thinking he heard something . Was it a burglar, a pack of vicious dogs outside, another incident of a 42 LB. 2 inch mouse nope it was his crazed wife cursing as she was trying oh so valiantly to wrap that dang package. He kindly asked what I was doing in the middle of the night, I looked at him with cold steely dark eyes, a sneer and growled I’m wrapping a package. Oh yea Bob and the dogs quietly but quite fast went back to bed. Yep that’s right IT WAS ON I was going to get this packaged wrapped or die trying and take anyone or anything down with me until it was done. Of course I was just being silly what was I worried about, it had only been 6 hrs since I read about that 1st order. I was at home now working feverishly on it, it was only 3:00am and Bob who was to take the package to mail for me during his lunch wasn’t leaving for work for another 3 1/2 hrs plenty of time to wrap said package right….. To be Cont’

The Creative Mess 3:30 AM…………….

I Can Name That Tune In… 4 notes “I Made a Sale”

Remember that wonderful old game show I Can Name that Tune in….. well I can now name tunes in very few notes. I know I’m a very multi talented person (applause sign on here). So it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me  how package wrapping would be one of my best and most revered talents. Are you all laughing yet. I know I am without a doubt a kindergarten level wrapper at best. My family has known for years never to expect any thing much for wrapping for their presents because it just isn’t happening. I was so thankful when gift bags came out, my family would have a pretty bag under the Christmas tree instead of a brown paper bag. No kidding it was a big colorful Christmas that 1st year of fabulous gift bags. Ahh the memories 🙂 Oh well back to my I can Name That Tune story.

I sold my very 1st item from Etsy on Thurs. MY VERY FIRST ITEM !!  I finished last Sunday putting a few more things in my little Poor Aunt Edna Etsy shop and had been looking feverishly on Mon, Tues, and Wed for any movement . Nothing had happened yet so I thought just relax Lynda you are only 1  1/2 months old on Etsy things take time. I had also started to do promotion sales on Etsy on Tuesday for a 1 week trial. So you see I was truly anxious. Well by Thursday I had decided I should just chill out and make sure I had my PayPal account stuff set up right for any sales I might actually get. Well I didn’t check until late in the evening at the studio with Stacy and Nancy (I was chilling and not having OCD over my computer) when I finally went on to PayPal and it said I had a balance of $58.50. I thought what the heck I don’t even shop through my Poor Aunt Edna account did someone break into my stuff doing an identity theft. What  should I do call the police? Geez I was really freaked out. I kept thinking, balance what balance did I owe. Then it hit me it was a real balance for items bought from me I HAD SOLD SOMETHING ! OMG I gasped and screamed so loud I scared poor Nancy half to death. Can you say Happy Dance or at least tap dancing in my office chair. I couldn’t believe it I had sold something . I was so proud that I had accomplish this I was dang near wet my pants and was near speechless. But not quite speechless I looked at Stacy and Nancy after all the hullabaloo settled down and said quietly and with a tone  of sheer fright and said ” Holy Sh*t I have to wrap and package the item up and it has to be perfect it’s my first sale”. All those god forsaken wrap jobs, duct taped  (yes duct taped I said I was a horrible package wrapper) brown bagged, dumped presents and packages went flying over and over through my mind. I looked at Nancy and she had the same scared look on her face she has seen and received my wrapped presents for the better part of 30 yrs. We looked at Stacy and she had the look of whats wrong with you two its just a package. She had no idea what it really meant. I had to wrap a package  and not just any package this was The First Sale package and it had to be perfect…….To be Cont’


The Usual Suspects

This is not Disneyland or The Three Chicken S**ts

Well today was a trip and not a trip to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse.I was staying home and very groggy from my allergy shot in the morning so I thought better eat before I conk out for the afternoon.. Good plan right ? WRONG there it was big as day a frickin’ baby mouse standing on my stove staring at me as I walked into the kitchen. Can you say eek or any 4 letter word to your liking. OMG I screamed so loud I think I made even the mouse jump, he was frozen to the stove I swear to god. I ran screaming into the living room as my dogs ran by me and beat me there. I called Bob and insisted he come home from work and play safari and get it out of the house. Could he come home hell no ! I thought  dang what to do, call the FBI, Secret Service, Pierce County Sheriff. They are to high-profile for this job I decided. I figured being tough guys they would probably laugh at us the 3 chicken s**ts anyway. I Could call Kris but she was playing afternoon cards, so she was out. I  texted Nancy whom I hoped would come to the rescue pleassssssse !  She had been to the doctor and was finishing lunch with Jane her sister. I said to her ”   you’re out for lunch oh that’s to bad I kind of wanted to go to the studio. “Well she said she had no  problem with that idea and she would be at my house shortly”. Yipee thought thank god I will be rescued ! I got everything packed into my bags computer, night meds, police scanner, kindle, (it could take Bob awhile to get said mouse if and  when he could pull himself away from work) .Geez I thought maybe I could even get some burger king or something for lunch .I was starting to feel better about my day since I was going to make the big escape. Only thing left to do was to hit the bathroom and put on my coat and walk out when she got here and not waste the day freaking out. So I walked up the steps headed to my bathroom and who should run right in front of me turn into my bathroom and fly behind the toilet? Why it was that dam 42 lb,  2 in mouse. I peed my pants on the way to Bobs bathroom screaming all the way. Ah yes the dogs just about knocked me over on their way to the bedroom where they froze. Chicken s**ts they are. I cleaned up and decided to be bold and take care of the situation. I’m a big girl there was nothing to be scared of. Next thought was I need to either stay in the bedroom till Bob gets home or I can run as fast as I can to my bathroom and slam the door shut. I decided on the  slam the door method. I slammed that door shut sooo loud we all jumped and again the dogs went flying right by me back to the living room. They are no S.W.A.T dogs believe me. Got the shoes on, got the coat on, hissed at the big bad guard dogs (A Westie and a Chihuahua) and went out the door where Nancy had just pulled up.

   Nancy took me to the bank and to Burger King to get lunch. I ordered a delicious “Deep Fried Chicken” sandwich, lge fries, and a super size pop no diet, full on sugar. We went to the studio and I ate everything lickity split and I must say it was very good. I needed that real junk food it helped the nerves you know I was severely traumatized. Of course the mouse was gone when Bob did get home. Little 42 Lb. 2 in stinker must have run back out while  I was peeing my pants and the dogs were knocking me over to get in the bedroom. He set a trap (electronic no pain)  in the kitchen under the sink and scrubbed the counters and stove and disinfected everything. He then came and got me at the studio. He even fed himself and did the dishes I had left in the sink when I ran out of the kitchen screaming never to return. Got to love that man xxoo
He took me home we fed the dogs I ate something, we watched The Game of Thrones, no mouse trap went off. He’s still here eeeeek . Just another Day in Paradise as Bob always says.  And how was you day…..
Update : The next morning the mouse was in the little Zap Trap. I feel bad, glad and sad all at once .But at the same time I hate 42 lb, 2 inch rodents. I’ll go to Disneyland if I want or need to see another mouse. At least there they sing and dance.

Size, Crop, Edit, Cut, Paste, Hand Tools, Paint Brushes OMG I’m nuts ;)

Mar.14th 2012 ……Well heck I’ve been through a few meltdowns (maybe more than a few) this weekend but I learned a lot in the process. Believe me when I say some things I didn’t need to learn 50 times over and over. I was trying out a new computer ugh and also at the same time trying to remember what I had learned about sizing images. I had learned some basic sizing last month with Stacy and written notes like a good student so I could have a nice little cheat sheet on hand. Well I put away such cheat sheet (a real big girl notebook) in a nice place so I could just get it and get to work. Ahh  I forgot to write myself a nice little note reminding me where that big girl notebook would be, 1st mistake no book , no notes, no cheat sheet. So off on the journey of sizing with no notes on a brand new computer, oh my I had such fun  can you say NOT !  Well by the end of the week-end I had my 9 month old Apple computer back and my daughter had my new one. She really loved my Apple but now has a top of the line Dell. She is happy and I’m ecstatic. The rest of my family and computer whiz Stacy are not happy since none of them are familiar  with an Apple so helping me is a huge hassle. But I’m sooo happy I could dance can  you see my huge grin :).

Big Whine Here : Oh and to top it all off it snowed like there was no tomorrow again. I can honestly say I’m sick of rain, hail, wind and snow. Icy mornings, damp, bone chilling cold weather can just go away and move on. I really am weary from the long winter this year. I can’t wait for spring, it can’t get here fast enough. Bark bark grr, ruff ruff grr, Paco and Sparky Lou agree. Ok weather whining pity party is over.

Since getting my original computer back I have moved forward to size, crop, edit, paste, pull hair out and cross eyeballs until I get something new in my Etsy Shop. Whatever it takes to get that 1 new item posted I will get it done and by myself. Shall I say without  my notes it took forever. Thank god nothing is permanent till you hit save. If there wasn’t a save button I would have been out of pictures say in 5 min and in the loony bin. I did everything at least 50 times. Every single task 50 times, every crop, every sizing, every cut and paste 50 TIMES each. But I learned as I went. After 10 hrs (no kidding) I finally had everything ready to post 1 item on Etsy. I braved things out so much that day that by 4:oo a.m. with it snowing again out side and with cup of cocoa in hand I posted 3 new things. Why yes I was exhausted,  the dogs were exhausted, and the computer I swear on the bible was literally steaming and singing Dixie when I closed it for the night. Ahhh we all went to bed with smiles on our faces it felt so dang  good.

When I awoke I looked on Etsy to make sure my postings weren’t a dream and there they were all 3 new bracelets, not perfect but ok and done by myself (insert pat on back here). I opened the curtains to the sliding glass doors to let the dogs out and hark no snow it had melted and surprise there it was SUNSHINE ! It’s was a good day Martha (as in Stewart). Back to bed we go  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

A Little Birdie Told Me :))

Well the time has come to announce that my little online Etsy shop, Poor Aunt Edna, is finally open. It took 13 months and a lot of craziness to get it going, but going it is. I would personally like to thank some very important people, for if it wasn’t for them, this would never have happened.

I would like to thank Kris and Nancy for all of their encouragement and support. They always had my back and told me how great everything was, even if it was horrible. When I first started this new “Vivid Life” things were really horrible–believe me. Both Kris and Nancy wore those first pieces with a smile and such grace. Either that, or they were clenching their teeth and it only looked like smiles. Kris did have a necklace that faded right before our eyes while out one afternoon, and Nancy literally had her pendant fall apart during lunch while out with friends. Ugh. They still told me how wonderful everything was. They have both shopped, listened to all my rants, listened to all the weird ideas saying “sounds great to me” while possibly thinking Lynda’s really a loon. They have never questioned anything I thought up at 3:00am and called them at 4:00am to tell them all about it. They have come to all my pity parties, have sat with me while I have been sick, when I’ve taken my night pills in the morning… sheesh. I cannot say how they have both held me up like crutches to get me here today. Best friends ever.

I want to thank my children CJ, Stacey, Tiffany, Goza, Roberta, and Loni. They always went with the flow and are always full of love and kind words when their Mom seemed a little nuts with this new endeavor. They all knew I didn’t wear jewelry due to allergies, so when I announced I was going to start making all my little baubles, even though I didn’t know how, they never flinched. They just smiled and said “ok, whatever Mom” (until they all had way too many scrabble tile necklaces and other ‘artistic endeavors’ hanging from necks–and rearview mirrors, and they finally all said “enough stuff already”). They all were very excited when I got my studio, “The Caw Club”, (cah – cah) and helped me move in, each in their own way. Some talked to me and let me bitch, some actually helped pack and move me in, some helped with all the computer stuff at the beginning, and all have been there with hugs, praise, and lots of pats on the back with an eager “good job Mom”. Warms my heart, those kids of mine – xxoo.

Speaking of the studio; I could not have gotten my blog and Etsy shop online without my newest friend, Stacy Emerson. Little did I know that when, on a whim and a huge shove from Kris in her rainbow tie-dyed shift dress last March, that I would not only end up with my own art studio (a dream come true), but would also meet my new landlady that would turn out to be such a giving and kindred spirit that I now call “friend”. Not only has she taught me soooooo much about my computer (which she hates, I might add) but she has done this teaching with such patience and understanding. I just have to thank my lucky stars that we crossed paths after all these years, both living in the same community, only a few blocks from one another in Midland. I have learned Branding, Blogs, Computer files, Photoshop (sort of), and so much more on the computer. I don’t even know all the names of what I have learned. The amount of time she has given me I could never pay her back. I have learned about Politics, Midland Proper, Occupy Tacoma, the list is just too long to tell you everything I have learned from her, and continue to do so daily. Mostly I feel like I have crossed paths with Stacy more than just this last year, maybe in some other life. Our lives have had so many similarities that it is uncanny. Everyone knows that I am very shy, so for me to have a new friendship come to me so late in my life, that I actually opened up and embraced, was very different for me. But I’m glad I did. She is a blessing to my life.

Finally I would love to thank my sweetest, dearest, most wonderful husband. He has lived through hell and back with me these past 13 months. First I overtook the little office at home, then the next month I took over the dining room. By the time I took over the kitchen he was still trying to be very supportive, yet walking around a house that was turned into a sheer cyclone by his raving creative lunatic wife. Maybe dishes were done. Maybe he had dinner to come home to. Maybe the dogs we hiding under the bed when he got home. Poor Bob never knew what or who he would find when he got home. He has had so many Elmer’s and Thunderbird dinners, he should own them both by now.

Speaking of owning stuff (and I mean STUFF), he has watched parcel after parcel of stuff arrive daily for over a year–sometimes numerous boxes of stuff a day–and he just smiled and brought them in. Even though at the beginning I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing, he still smiled while carting in those parcels; surely wondering how much this is all costing, but he has never asked–NEVER! How many husbands would never ask what was being spent, knowing full well that hundreds of ‘stuffs’ have enter the house, and still continues to arrive to this day. And when I said I was going to rent a studio down the street, he never blinked. I think he was so glad to get all my “stuff” out of the house, that he was packing me up before I even signed the lease. He has been so supportive, on task, a super handyman, kind, and willing to share this experience with me. I just can’t thank him enough. I love him so!!

I really can’t thank every one of these deeply cherished people enough. They will never know how each and every one of them has saved my life, both physically and emotionally. Each person has had so much impact in their own way, and have helped to keep me alive through my “Vivid” year, and now my “Fresh” year.

I’m still going strong, still have an exploding brain of creativity, and am still a world class daydreamer.

Thanks to you all for loving me. You make my heart sing.


P.S. Thank you Merle, Irene, Alvin, and Oscar. Time to let the birdie fly.