What I Did On My Summer Vacation Part Two I’m Blue For “Something Blue”

Well last time I left off on this blog it was still summer. Not a overly quick girl here. I think we have already decided I am a world class procratinator. Ok this time we’ll blame someone or something else. Not Mother Goose, or Ol’ Man Winter, but ahh yes the culprit Mother Nature. Why yes we just went through almost 2 yrs of rainrainrain, and then BAM summer of 2012 hit around Aug.2. Yep we had only had 3-4 days of over 70*  until that wonderfully bright and sunny day. So here I am on Oct.6 its in the high 30’s at night with it in the 70’s, and wonderfully sunny during the day. Hasn’t rained since the beginning of August. Ekk it’s so unusual. So PARDON me if my blog what I Did On My Summer Vacation seems out dated. You see it’s not late IT”S STILL SUMMER HERE !! We love it.

now about the fried hair. My hair has only been cut once this summer and dyed. Yes dyed at my age I need everything dyed, trimmed and plucked. Thats right I admit it I have stray hairs coming out of my forehead, a few by my ear, and yes my right cheek (very funny haha on my face) and I have been known to have white hairs growing out of no where in particular. Fried hair my fault, 5  more nerves gone my fault. Crazy face hair again Mother Natures fault. She’s been busy on my summer vacation.

Well I must say with the beginning of October, It meant the bride I’ve been working with all summer is married. Happy, HAPPY she is married. Sad SAD to see it over. Something Blue was my first bride I did bracelets for that I didn’t know. Yep thats right my first. At my age there aren’t to many firsts, and I really enjoyed this one.

The bride and her fiance were having a wonderful wedding with family and friends at her fathers family farm. Her bridemaids we’re all her “Something Blue”. They could wear any color blue dress of their choosing. her two sister chose Citrone green. Sounds beautiful doesn’t it. The bride wanted 12 bracelets for her 12 bridesmaids. All different styles but all shades of blue. Soooooo much fun I had.

The bride herself was the nicest sweetest person to work with. Communicated well, was very in touch about what she wanted. Simply a dream to work with. I think I lost 8 nerves doing the work but gained  2x that amount just from getting to know “Something Blue”. I miss her !! I still have fried nerves and only about 4 nerves left with a house that looks like bomb hit it. UGH !

I’m Blue for “You Something Blue” Beat Wishes and Many Happy Years to come.



Well here we are again another day another season ! The new code for September and October is good for 10% off all orders before shipping. Hope you all enjoy :]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FALLSHERE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, Well, Well … How I Spent My Summer Vacation Part 1 Fried Nerves, Fried Hair, And Fried Life

Well, well, well look who showed up. Yep it’s me. After a very long summer of no writing , it’s time to get back into the swing of things. That’s right I am swinging by my last nerve after a very busy and I mean busy summer. Wel,well,well let us go on the little journey of my last fried nerve, fried hair, and fried life.

Last time everything was in sync I believe, I was 2 yrs old. Thank god my dad captured this picture or I would never think I was ever in sync,  ever and I mean ever. Reminds me of the new Taylor Swift tune from the new “RED” album  “We will never ever, ever, ever be together ” I know it’s about a break up with a boyfriend but….. It’s also my motto of this summer for my mind, body, and soul not quite clicking ever, never !

…………………………………………………..Two Years Old and In Total Sync  (Last Time) ………………………………………………

Well ,well ,well lets start with the end of spring and the start of my  fried nerves.

#1)  I love love love my Art Design Studio  SO much and have only been there 2, 3, 4,maybe 5 times all summer. I got sick in April and stayed home to recoup. HA  no way  was I going to have a quiet lazy summer at home. Let just start with the littlest Swat Dog Paco. Paco that very tiny small wee chihuahua of 20 LBS !! Oh yes 20 LBS !! He was so lethargic and not losing weight even though we were both on diets. So off to the vet we go. After lots of tests and $575.00 later they thought he might have Cushings. Don’t ask me I don’t know what it is either I just know the medicine would cost me enough that I would have to get a loan every month to get it. And yes I would have bought stock in the medicine if I had to. Luckily the test came back and he had such a bad Thyroid it didn’t even register but  the meds were only $15.00 a month . Everybody stand up and do the wave, Bob , Paco , Sparky Lou (the other Swat Dog child) and I did all night. That day we found out Paco and I are really related we both have Thyroid issues. We are both on strict diets and no after 4 months he has lost 1 lb and I have lost 3. Wow a whole almost 4 months and 4 Lbs combined. Ok so there went a couple of my nerves this past 4 frickin” months of a dog and myself both on diets.

Personally it can’t be my 2-3 trips a week to my go to place right down the street the family owned  Angleas Resturant and Catering in Midland, Check it out….…. They have killer Soup, Chicken and Jo’s and the best pie for miles. Why wouldn’t I lose weight eating that. BECAUSE I’m addicted to the place,  the deep fried chicken (yes they have very friendly non fried  food and goodies too but sheesh whatever) the friendly crew and the Peanut Butter Pie with Chocolate, no calories at all 😉 I’ve been told.  My friends and hubby are all addicted too, so there I’m not alone. Its all thier fault, no support thats the ticket I get no support. So of course Paco would have no family  support either. But hey we have lost 4 HUGE pounds and we are proud of it. DIETING : 2 nerves gone forever ever, never to return.

…………………………………….Friendly face at Angleas kept me from losing 10 nerves : Lindsay Frazer………………………………..

Well, Well,Well.. Spinning Clutter

2) Clutter, My house is full of it.  I have moved my studio half  way (Miss you Stacy soooo much) home  to keep working while I diet  and recoup HA. My house, my life and my brain  CLUTTERED I say. Good for a few nerves gone. The clutter I know will go away soom. But in the mean time it drives My hubby nuts which drives me nuts that he is nuts. Catch 22 , kinda like a dog chasing his tail it just keeps going in circles. Yep the clutter is actually spinning in circle as fast as it can go. Hubby and I are ducking all the time from spinning out of control clutter…… Good for 4 nerves shot gone forever, ever, never.. well hopefully to return  sometime one can only hope.

3) The coolest thing did happen today though, I won a prize. Shut up. Me Lynda with the bad hair and cluttered house win a prize? Oh ya it’s true and not a rumor. I won an e-course today thru the Jeanne Oliver Blog it”s all about Creatively Made Home. Here is all the info needed if you are interested. I personally am sooo excited to be in on this fabulous jouney of learning. I can”t wait to see, hear and feel every little detail these wonderful women have to share. I know what you are all saying ‘Thank God you really need the help LYNDA”  Personally my upsatairs (3 bedrooms plus, looks like a combination of the Goodwill, Yard sales, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn in a Mall of good intentions . Oh how I have shopped till I dropped in the past and everything made it upstairs until I was ready downstairs for it. This summer I realized when exactly did I envision THAT day coming. NEVER, EVER, EVER,  apparently.  Can we all say in unison 10 nerves gone from that LIGHTBULB moment. But now I have this to look forward to in OCT. Thank you Jeanne Oliver and Ladies for this oppertunity. Here is the info if anyone else would lovelovelove to take this e-course and have the best fall winter time with these great ladies.


Creatively Made Home!

So many awesome, fun, beautiful projects and videos are underway and I thought it was about time that we celebrated all of the goodness coming out of our next e-course!

I am hooked on e-courses because…

*The connection I get to have with all of you

*The ease of the videos and the convenience of watching them whenever and wherever you want

*The live chats

*Watching creative women connect with other creative women and really create friendships with women from all over the world

*All of the amazing and beautiful content that I get to share in such a personal way

Creatively Made Home is a course all about making life beautiful in the everyday.

It is about creating a home that reflects your heart in everyday living.

Each week you will have videos from all five hosts of the course.

Sara Duckett

Tracey Leber

Jennifer Rizzo

Kimberly Taylor

and me (Jeanne Oliver)

To hear WHY I chose each of these women you can read more HERE.

Each week you will have discussion videos and project videos.

You will have a live chat on our community forum with one of the hosts each week (you can ask anything your heart desires).

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entertaining e-book to download at the end of the course!

We want you to feel like you are a guest in our homes…because you will be!



You can watch the course trailer HERE or watch below.

AHH 7 Nerves saved still have bad hair.

For Heavens Sake What Is Aunt Edna Eating “Farrelli’s in Parkland First Round “

For Heavens Sake what is Aunt Edna eating is a somewhat critics review on what we have been sampling lately.  Aunt Edna bless her soul guides us all over the place for whatever she is craving. Yes that’s right sometimes we can just sense she’s here with us  and hungry and just who are we to argue about that. We love food, to go out,  no cooking allowed, and best of all we love  good friends to share a meal with. We don’t know exactly how it works but we don’t care it’s just another adventure.  We may hit restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, diners, resorts and maybe a casino or two. We just never know where our Poor Aunt Edna is going to spirit us away to. But we are going to share with you all the good  and all the bad speed bumps along the way.

For Heavens Sake what is Aunt Edna eating? Well  she enjoyed a good meal at Farrellis in Parkland with good friend Shellie Sotherby from Summit and myself.  Sophie had never eaten there before so I literally felt nudged to head in that direction. That worked  for me since I needed to go to the post office which is a block down the road on Garfield St. We went right along with that nudge that I felt and ended up starving at Ferrellis Pizza. It’s new to the area but a good location right up Garfield St. from PLU one of the best  private Universities in Wa. The outside and inside are really nice and comfortable. One side is set up for dining and the other half is a full-scale bar. There seemed to be plenty of seating for the day and lunch business, although in an area 3 blocks from a college I don’t know about seating and such on a Friday or Saturday night. Parking was not the greatest out front but the back they had enough parking but with out a back door it was a real hassle for me.For handicapped people it would be a journey but they do provide a nice entry once you get there for all handicapped persons. The restrooms were very clean and also accommodated the handicapped readily I noticed . Good job I say to Farrellis for those that planned well for seniors and  the  handicapped !!

We were starved and Aunt Edna must have been too because it seemed like we ordered everything on the menu. Even though there were technically only two of us we knew Aunt Edna would somehow put in her two-cents worth since she always did. Shellie and I decided to make a buffet of our own selections and have bites of whatever we wanted and then we would split the rest and share with our husbands. Aren’t they lucky to have us as wives to pick over food all afternoon, critique it and then bring the leftovers home to them. I truly hope they appreciate that lovingly picked over and dissected food. We love them so…. no really we do.

Artichoke Dip

Artichoke Dip

Our Favorite that afternoon were the  Mushrooms that were fresh-baked and quite large. They were stuffed with herbs, Provolone cheese, Italian sausage then topped with more cheese . They came with a nice serving of baked cheese bread as well. There was

Baked Mushrooms

six or seven nice sized mushrooms dripping in cheese mmm good. These goodies could make a meal in itself. Yep we inhaled those and debated if we needed an other order and decided no we would be good that day and not over eat 🙂  We also tried Sausage, Ricotta and Pepper dip. It’s done with what, you guessed it homemade sausage, fluffy ricotta, roasted peppers all sitting atop of their house made marinara (lots of chunky tomatos in the sauce). This dip is thrown in a small 2.5 cup iron skillet and baked until bubbling and the cheese is just browning, then it’s served with Alderwood  fired up flat bread. Yep ate it all and I almost licked the pan but it was still to hot being an iron skillet and all. Drooling yet ? Shellie wanted to sample  the Focaccia Bites. These little gems are so good. Focaccia bread squares slathered with cream cheese, a piece of pepperoni and salami were placed on top and then  finished with a nice pinch of Parm, Romono, and Asagio cheeses then baked until golden. They are served with dipping sauces of garlic olive oil and balsamic vinager. Ooh yea Aunt Edna these were to die for ! Sorry no pics there was no time  I was  gobbling them down as fast as I could. Mrs. Sotherby and I did the big stare down for that last one (No blinking allowed). Finishing off the appetizers was an Artichoke  dip it comes with either wood fired bread or tortilla chips we got both. The title pretty much describes it, not much more to say about that. Blah very Blah

Sausage, Ricotta, Peppers DipWe didn’t eat much of this and it was the first one to hit the table. Not bad, just blah.

We also ordered a pizza that day not realizing how filling and big Farrellis appetizers are. Somebody’s hungry spirit  I won’t mention any names (Aunt Edna) guided us into ordering that 16 inch  pizza. I couldn’t believe the words “why yes we’ll have a 16 inch James Favorite pizza also ” came flying out of my mouth. Shellie looked at me and just burst out laughing she knew I just blurted that out not even thinking first about it, that for some unknown reason I just HAD to have it. It was all gooey with an Alfredo based sauce, roasted Chicken, Bacon, Italian Sausage, minced Garlic, Provolone, Mozza and Cheddar cheeses to finish it off  YUM (we asked for extra cheese) . The pizza was sooo good but Shellie and I could only eat one piece split in half.  That pizza was a whim buy for some unforeseeable urge. I felt like screaming Geez Aunt Edna get a grip. I know everyone would have  turned and stared because of course Aunt Edna wasn’t really there just in our hearts.

Jacks Special Pizza

Spencer our most wonderful and gracious server never batted an eyelash at the two crazy women with too much food to eat. He always made sure we had plenty of  Ice Tea, water and napkins. He was attentive but not intrusive and at the end he simply asked dessert or check. I have to admit dessert with no prodding from the invisible Aunt Edna sounded kind of good. But Shellie and I decided at the very first part of lunch we were going to be good that day.  (we are professional dieters you know) We only wanted to lick two of the appetizer dishes and we left some Artichoke dip for the guys. Plus those to husbands  were going to get almost half a pizza each, no  dinner to be cooked oh yea, see there was a method to our madness. At least for that day.

Over all it was a good lunch for the money.  Some things were a little high-priced for the item that was made  $24.00+ something for a 16 inch pizza next to a university  eek. Also the pizza prices were a tad bit high for the amount of cheese on them. A little more cheese would go a long way into justifying the prices. They  do also offer thin, whole wheat  and glutton free crusts. Another thoughtful thing Farrellis does for their customers. The appetizers were priced right and really could be a meal. We were full and I mean stuffed, and both the husbands had nice dinners. It was a good lunch, but we’ll be back to check out the consistency of the food. That’s the true test.

Todays Rankings :   1-5 star ratings

Food ****    Service*****    Cleanliness*****  Cost ***1/2  Overall Rating****1/3

There is a Ferrellis preferred customer card available. Just ask you server for the form it’s worth the time to fill out.

“Look Out The Queen Bee Is Driving”

“Look Out The Queen Bee Is Driving” bracelet was designed and created because of a little story our Aunt Ethyl shared with us about the day she rode to town with her older sister Mary Jane. These two sisters were as different as night and day. One was daring and outgoing and the other one skittish and practical. Guess which was which. Well, Mary Jane was the oldest child of 17 years old at the time and bossed the other six kids in the family around. Mama and Papa Throckmorton both worked to keep food on the table in such hard times. So they had to rely on Mary Jane to organized and take care of the younger kids while they were away. The kids aways called her the Queen Bee when she was out of ear shot. Secretly she knew this but enjoyed the power  the tile Queen Bee made her feel.

One day Mary Jane decided to take the car into town and get some extra errands done, especially the buttons she needed. She figured since her parents and the youngest kids were down the lane helping out at the new neighbors they wouldn’t miss her or the car for a bit. She talked her sister Ethyl the only other person home that day into going into town too. Ethyl didn’t want to go since she felt Mary Jane was a little inexperienced to drive all the way into town. Mary Jane reassured her she had driven many a time around the homestead and to the few neighbors that were near by. Why going to town would be no problem what so ever and she needed the buttons from the mercantile to finish the dress she was making. Auntie Ethyl should have listened to her own instincts that day. Much more was to come to be sure The Queen Bee and her sister could have never foreseen.

As they set out the wonderful nice but slightly chilly June morning everything seem in place and perfect.The girls Mary Jane and Ethyl dressed appropriately and put on their best hats to save the new perms Shirley the  hairdresser had given all the Throckmorton women that last week. It was very important  to protect the perms and to not wash or brush the hair to much  for a good 7-9 days after getting one. Or  those wonderful perms would frizz like no other. So bonnets on, the old car cranked up and off they went.  The first mile or two went fine a little slow but fine none the less. Mary Jane was handling the driving fine which was a real suprise to Ethyl. So relax she did all the way into town. See that wasn’t so bad now was it Mary Jane teased Ethyl who was half a sleep after such a slow steady  ride. Yep said Ethyl “15 mph seems to be a good consistent speed to travel by “as she got out of the car and giggled. Mary Jane just smiled a satisfied smile and replied “well I got us here with no problems didn’t I smarty”

Mary got her buttons and some seam binding. She also bought the makings for some good old fashioned Peanut Butter Fudge. She had her babysitting money with her and decided to treat the little kids to a treat tonight while they listened to the radio shows. Ethyl on the other hand always the practical one saw Mary Jane’s purchases and decided to save her little bit of money since  she knew Peanut Butter Fudge was on the menu tonight. Why spend any of her money on candy let Queen Bee Mary  spend hers. Within no time at all they were ready to head back home. Ethyl was glad, she was worried about the time  and how long and slow that trip home was going to take.  Their parents would be very anxious if they weren’t there when they arrived home.

So off the girls went same  road, same speed yes dang it Ethyl thought, same sloooow speed. But things were different on that old bumpy road on the way home. There seemed to be a little more traffic going their way. Other cars started to back up behind them and most were honking. “What do they want” Mary said in frustration. I’m driving JUST FINE  she barked to her  left side as the first of many cars passed them. The more they passed the more nervous Mary Jane got which in turn gave Ethyl the nervous giggles. Mary Jane narrowed her eyes and looked straight into Ethyl’s eyes and finally and  quite firmly  said  I’ll speed up just a bit if you’ll be QUIET ! Geez O.K. Ethyl quietly said back to her. And off  they went speeding up more than a bit. The Queen Bee was in charge now flying right down that old bumpy dirt road with the wind breezing on by. She was independent and she was in control and going a little faster say 30 MPH would get them home sooner and probably before her parents. So down her foot hit the gas pedal just as she hit the biggest pot hole in the road. Her foot kept hitting the gas, then off the gas, back and forth, up and down for what seemed like 10 min. Ethyl was screaming until they came to an abrupt stop on the side of the road hitting a big dirt and briar pile.  They flew forward and flew back so hard they both let out a huge gasp at the same time. Stunned they were for quite a while before they glanced about to see if they were still alive. When the sheer panic wore off Mary Jane started up the car and started to slowly back up out off the pile and the predicament they we in. Whew they both thought, then and only then did they break out into laughter thinking all was well. Guess what, all was not well once they started to back up  the huge bees nest  they had just ran over in that old dirt pile opened up with a wide gaping hole. That gaping hole released what seem like thousands of those angry stinging bees. Mary Jane floored the gas pedal in reverse and gave it all she could to get out of the dirt pile and on to the road. Those bees must have followed them and stung them for a good three miles. Finally when Mary realized they had out run those bees she pulled over to assess the situation. Ethal had quite a few bee stings but nothing compare to hers. Ethyl while not driving was able to cover most of her head and face with her bonnet. Mary Jane on the other hand had to drive and could not use her hands to cover anything so she was stung everywhere.

Mary looked at Ethyl who gave out a big shriek and said oh my God your eyes.”They are very swollen and almost shut can you see” said Ethal to Mary Jane. Not really  she retorted you’ll have to drive the rest of the way home. I can’t stammered Ethyl I don’t know how.  Well you are going to learn, and now is the time. But Mama and Papa will skin me alive If I were to drive home. Well, they will skin  us both if we don’t get home and I mean lickity split. Just start the car, now let out the clutch easy, EASY I said . I heard you Ethyl snapped back. Ok  Ethyl now to put it in second gear you have to… Stop said Ethyl were going slow and in first gear all the way home if you really want to get there or I’m not driving. Well an hour or so went by and they were still a good 5 miles from home  and it was getting dark and all Mary Jane could do was moan. Just when there seemed no end to their plight Ethyl saw Papa’s old work truck come heading over the horizen. Thank God Ethyl cried were saved. Papa jumped out of that truck so fast  and just one look at the anger on his face said it all. That was until he got a good close up look of his two wayward adventurous girls. I think we actually scared him Ethyl recalled, because all of a sudden he white as a ghost and, and was just whispering to just move over he’d take us home and pick up his truck later.

Mary Jane and Ethyl were smeared from head to toe with calamine lotion and some horrible smelling salve the doctor made for them to wear until the welts and hives subsided. The younger kids took advantage of Mary Jane being down for a bit and teased her  constantly “Look Out The Queen Bee Is Driving” and she  got stung they’d sing over and over. Finally the day came about a week later that Mary Jane also saw the humor in the that little ditty and sang it along with them.

Ever since that adventure Mary Jane received gifts of Bees for every occasion possible. Any kind, size, or color. She got cards, pins, rings, honey jars anything and everything for a good 50 years afterward to do with Bees. Every time she would get some new Bee she would just smile and hum to herself that sweet little ditty, ‘Look Out The Queen Bee  Driving” and she got stung and cherish that bee evermore. Mary Janes was in fact our Aunt Edna’s mother.  Aunt Edna inherited all those Bees and added them to her Wonderful World of Fabulous Fids that any Artist of Many Endeavors would cherish, love and use to her hearts content. We the Nieces have them now to love and decide what to  do with then. This Queen Bee bracelet is one of those things. Collected, loved and now ready to share with another. The buyer that purchases this bracelet can get an added 15% off if they read this story and put in the special code >>>>> QUEENBEE <<<<<< at check out before shipping costs. Hope whom every buys this thinks of this shared yarn and enjoys the thought behind it.

I Can Name That Tune In…2 notes “Package Frenzy”

The Start Looks Good Right ?………………

“Well after the shock of a making a real sale wore off the package frenzy was on. Stacy, Nancy and I kicked it into high gear.  I must say Stacy did do the bulk of the work. She is the “Graphic/Computer Guru” that thank god was there and oh so willing to help. She literally kicked butt with the graphics.  I knew I would need graphic items for sales and had discussed them with Stacy even that day. We were going to work on them that weekend. But as (good) luck would have it I made that oh so fabulous sale before I was completely ready for it. Ok all you people whom have known me for years and want to yell at the computer PROCRASTINATOR I hear you ok. Yes I am a world-class procrastinator it’s the same talent as world worst package wrapper. I thank my lucky stars that Stacy gets on a job pronto and not only is she ever so talented at graphics she is fast and I mean super fast. With-in a couple of hrs I had every graphic not only designed, but printed and cut out. They are so beautiful and right on the mark.  What would i do without her. Nancy was my moral support in the studio during this time. We had tea and munchies. We worked oh so hard on those munchies it is just uncanny how well we work together. I did figure out during this munchies power meeting what I wanted to do for the wonderful person who bought my 1st item ever. She deserved something special and a special card to boot. So on to the materials to go with all the ideas. I have to tell you going through my studio in a mad panic for goodies ( by this time 1:15 am)  is a real feat. Nothing like sheer terror, you can’t find a thing you know you have no matter how much you look. At 1:30 Stacy had decided to retreat to her sweet abode and Nancy was barely hanging of her office chair asleep. She had waited for me the sweetie even though sick and hurting to take me home since she drove. I could have called Bob my poor tortured hubby to come and get me but she insisted on waiting. Bless her heart. I had absolutely gorgeous graphics, Kraft paper, Kraft  jewelry boxes, a mailer box from Stacy ( yes I procrastinated about getting mailing boxes ok) twine ribbon, stickers, tape, anything and everything I may need to wrap that “Perfect Package”. I had 2 shopping bags full of stuff, the bracelet that was bought (my favorite one by the way and the 1st one I had made), my computer, and  my purse. I was also taking home a brain so clogged with creativity and terror I was ready to tackle anything including the first ever sale and its wrapping. I do say in my shop policies and info I ship on Tuesdays and Fridays I was  not going to miss the Friday’s deadline even though it was 2:00 am Friday morning when I arrived home.

Bob got up at 2:30 in he morning thinking he heard something . Was it a burglar, a pack of vicious dogs outside, another incident of a 42 LB. 2 inch mouse nope it was his crazed wife cursing as she was trying oh so valiantly to wrap that dang package. He kindly asked what I was doing in the middle of the night, I looked at him with cold steely dark eyes, a sneer and growled I’m wrapping a package. Oh yea Bob and the dogs quietly but quite fast went back to bed. Yep that’s right IT WAS ON I was going to get this packaged wrapped or die trying and take anyone or anything down with me until it was done. Of course I was just being silly what was I worried about, it had only been 6 hrs since I read about that 1st order. I was at home now working feverishly on it, it was only 3:00am and Bob who was to take the package to mail for me during his lunch wasn’t leaving for work for another 3 1/2 hrs plenty of time to wrap said package right….. To be Cont’

The Creative Mess 3:30 AM…………….